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1. WHO ARE WE? is a personal website, hosted and legally based in Uccle, in Belgium. The EHHF website is managed by Yellow Pimento and, when needed, by their parties under the responsibility of Yellow Pimento.

The terms ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘ours’ of this privacy policy refer to Charlotte Collard. The terms ‘your’, ‘yours’, refer to any user of the Charlotte Collard’s website. The person responsible for the Data Protection is Charlotte Collard herself (


The hereby cookie policy lists several types of cookies and the reasons we use it. The below information aims to help you comprehend what cookies are and the role they have in your experience of our website. Since May 2012, the EU legislation requires that all cookies-using websites inform you about it and seek for your explicit consent to collect and keep data that concerns your browsing habits.


A cookie is a little file placed on the device of a person that is consulting a webpage, in order to facilitate the communication between the user’s device (computer, smartphone or any other kind of peripherical) and the website servers. In that sense, the cookie witnesses the exchange between the user and the website, collecting some information.

The technology developments then allowed to extend the cookies’ final aim, especially in regards to the website performances, the statistics of the website, the recording of browsing preferences and, in some cases, targeted marketing.

In that wider sense, the term “cookie” refers to all the files that are able to record abstracts of information , which are then moved or generated while the visitors are experiencing a website, and whether they are saved on the user’s device or onto dedicated servers. The term “cookie” will be used in the wider sense in the hereby policy description.


Cookies help us improve our website and assure you a personalized service, for instance, by saving information about your preferences and by allowing us to recognize you when you come back on our website. You can refuse cookies by activating your browser’s settings. However, if you chose to do so, some parts or our websites might not function properly.


a. What information are we collecting?

We collect information such as IP addresses, the type and version of browser, the number of visits, the consulted pages and the screening preferences. The information related to the duration of the cookies we use is available in the below description.

While visiting the website of the EHHF, the pages that you browse, as well as related cookies, are downloaded on your device. Numerous websites proceed as such, because the cookies allow the website editors to execute useful tasks, for instance: determine if the device (and its user) has already consulted the website. This research is done when you come back to the webpage, by finding the cookie placed on your device during the previous visit.

b. How is Charlotte Collard using the cookies?

The information provided by the cookies can contribute to the understanding or our visitors and the improvement of their experience online.

c. Third cookies in the incorporated content

During your visit on the Charlotte Collard’s website, you might experience incorporated content, that is not directly linked to Charlotte Collard or our services providers. For instance: the thumbnails and symbols linked to Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr or even iSpringCloud. When you visit a webpage where this kind of content appears, third cookies might by following your browsing activity on the Charlotte Collard’s website. Charlotte Collard does not control the activity of these cookies. It is preferable to check the third privacy and cookie policies to know more. Nevertheless, we will always ask for your approval before we use third cookies.

Numerous websites now contain detailed information about the nature and the functioning of cookies. For instance, explains what cookies are and how to adjust your settings.

In case Charlotte Collard incorporates content from social media and other third websites, some other websites might use Google Analytics to collect data themselves, regarding the user’s online behaviour. Charlotte Collard does not control these aspects. For more information, please visit the Google dedicated page: « How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps » via


The majority of browsers are pre-set to accept cookies, but in case you do not want to receive it, you can modify your browser’s settings in order to be notified when cookies are being sent to your device. You can also refuse cookies. To do so, you can visit the following webpage, depending on the browser you use:

Internet explorer : delete-manage-cookies
Chrome :
Firefox :
Safari :

In case you keep on browsing our website after receiving and agreeing to our notification regarding our cookie policy, it means you still consent to our use of cookies. You can always change your mind. Should you want to limit or block specific cookies on your device, you can do so by changing the settings in your browser. The help section of your browser will show you how to proceed. You can also visit your browser’s settings in order to delete the cookies that had been previously downloaded. Note that your experience of our website might be affected by that.

Should you want to unsubscribe (refuse) third cookies that are linked to behavioural advertising, you can visit Please keep in mind that refusing some of the cookies will not prevent you from receiving online advertising. It only concerns the companies you did not agree with, regarding the use of these specific cookies.


Your browser can also provide us information regarding your device, such as the IP address and your browser’s preferential settings. In case you are not satisfied with the way we use cookies, please contact the person responsible for data protection:


Certain browsers provide the DNT setting preference which, once activated, send signals to the websites to forbid them from following your browsing activity, especially marketing third parties, social networks or statistical companies. Our website cannot deal with DNT settings yet.


A. User experience cookies

Category 1: Cookies strictly required
These cookies are essential to allow you to move from one page to another on our website, and to use all functionalities, such as the access to private sections. Without them, the services you are expecting will not be provided. We do not use these cookies to collect your personal data or for marketing purposes.

Category 2: Performance cookies
These cookies collect information concerning the visitors or our websites. For instance: which pages are the most consulted ones, which generate the most failures, etc. There are not collecting data to identify you. All the information contained in these cookies are aggregated and thus, anonymous. They are used in the sole purpose of improving the functioning of the website.

Category 3: Functional cookies
These cookies remember the choices you make, such as the region from which you visited the website or the language you speak. They can be used to offer you an experience which would fit better with your choices, making them more personalized and easy-going. The information collected by those cookies can be made anonymous. These cookies cannot follow your browsing ont other websites.

B. Third cookies

Category 4: Targeted cookies or advertising cookies
These cookies collect information about your browsing habits, in order to personalize the eventual advertising according to your interests. They also regulate and limit the number of times one advertisement is shown, and to measure the efficiency of a particular campaign. These cookies are usually placed by third advertising servers, with the approval of the website operator. They remember the websites you consult weekly and share this information with external parties. In most cases, the targeted cookies are linked to the functionality of the website provided by the other organisation.

Category 5: Social media cookies
These cookies allow to share online activities from a website onto social media, such Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. We do not control these cookies. This information can be linked to targeting activities or advertisement. We recommend to have a look at the privacy policy of the concerned websites, to know more about their use of cookies.

These cookies will not be used without your consent. If you do not accept these cookies, we guarantee that no personal data collected through cookies on our website are ever to be transferred to third parties. In this case though, the related functionality will not be available for you on our website (for instance, the “share” or “like” thumbnails, or the automatic play of a Vimeo or Youtube video on our website will be deactivated). However, you will still be able to watch the video on the related app or website.


We are allowed to modify or update the hereby cookie policy, in order to pursue the most suitable browsing experience. We will notify you accordingly. The date of the most recent update is mentioned at the end of this document. Should you have any questions, please contact the person responsible for the data protection:

Update: 07 February 2021